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EviWild is an evidence portal that aims to collate and communicate scientific evidence of the effectiveness of interventions intended to mitigate impact of wildlife on human interests. The portal provides a free and easily accessible resource for anyone who is interested in the scientific evidence of intervention effectiveness. Target audiences include intervention end-users, as well as wildlife managers, scientists, and research funders. The aim is to provide reliable evidence syntheses based on systematic reviews, to give various stakeholders a shared view of the current scientific evidence.

Human-wildlife interactions

Long-term conservation of many wildlife species rely on land sharing with humans in multi-use landscapes. Range overlaps give opportunity for positive interactions between humans and wildlife, but interactions of a more negative kind may also occur. Major wildlife conservation challenges in such systems relate to the mitigation of negative impacts of wildlife on human practices and livelihoods. Interventions intended to mitigate impacts of wildlife on human lives, property, crops, livestock and pets, competition for game, and human quality of life have thus become an important part of wildlife management world-wide.

EviWild is currently under construction, and the different sections will be continuously updated with evidence when systematic reviews are available. Systematic reviews are curently largely lacking, but we continously seek funding to undertake reviews. 

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