What is EviWild?

EviWild is an evidence portal that communicates evidence intervention effectiveness in reducing the impact of wildlife on various human interests.

The EviWild initiative

The initiative of creating the portal came from the Swedish Wildlife Damage Centre (SWDC) at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Grimsö, Sweden. The creation and maintenance of the portal is funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (Naturvårdsverket) and undertaken by the SWDC.

The aim of EviWild

The aim is to provide an evidence portal where scientific evidence is easily accessible to everyone - users of interventions, wildlife managers, policy makers, reserachers, research funding agencies, and anyone with an interest in the topic. By making scientific evidence available to everyone, different stakeholders can have a shared view and understanding of the current knowledge of intervention effectiveness.

The evidence on EviWild

The aim is to fill EviWild with reliable evidence syntheses based on systematic maps and reviews of scientific evidence. These reviews are externally funded and we are currently seeking funding to undertake such reviews.